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Me, a name I call myself

Sometime later… ain’t it funny how time slips away, as they say?

If you’re a follower of Mostly Music, then you’ll know that I moved all the music production information to the Lara Petersson Music website slash blog. Occasionally I mention something I’ve been doing, but in practice, this here is now the place for posts and the website functions as a repository (there’s a nice word) for the music.

As far as projects are concerned, A Beautiful Relationship gave way to the less predictable (in a nice sense) Beatnik Aria and now the experiments of Anton’s Cat. (Anton Weber, if you’re wondering). Birds to Hippos to Cats, must be something in that …

However, this doesn’t mean that they are finished and I hope to release more material under these names at a later date.

So for the time being, that’s how it is, just in case you’re new to the site and were asking yourself what it’s all about.

My fault for not updating until now. Enjoy.

January 2016




A Beautiful Relationship is my personal attempt at creating something approaching “good music”, while trying to learn about music theory and how to use software like Logic Pro and others.

A lot of tracks could be described (broadly) as ambient or atmospheric and in that respect, I owe a lot to listening to people such as Air, Boards of Canada and Eno. Also, the tempo-bending work of Brubeck‘s quartet are “responsible” for many of the experimental pieces, some better-rounded than others.

You can download any of the tracks for free, please just look at the license if you wish to re-use one. Basically that means, contact me and ask, I’m bound to say yes!

Thank You


What’s This File I’m Downloading?

If you decide to download a track from the Soundcloud player (and I hope that you do), you’ll find yourself with a file whose name ends in .flac. If you haven’t seen these before, they are full-quality audio files, similar to .wav, but smaller (and the coding system is open source).

Personally, I think they’re great, but as they don’t play on many common software players, you can:

1 – Get a copy of Mediahuman Free Audio Converter to convert them to .mp3 or your choice of format –

11 – Get a copy of VLC Player which will play anything in video or audio –


12 thoughts on “Me, a name I call myself

  1. I am following and like the look of your blog.

  2. Hey there, just letting you know I nominated your blog for the Reader Appreciation Award. If you want, you can answer the questions and nominate others, if not, no worries.

  3. spearvahn on said:

    Crows – Open Source Technology – music – can’t get much better than that πŸ™‚

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  5. Congratulations!

    I have nominated your blog for the Real Neat Blog Award.

    More on this nomination is at

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  8. Hi Lara, You wrote a nice blog on my Eiffel Tower Music project on a few years back.

    I want to let you know the album is finished and releasing on April 29. Here’s a link with audio, video, info,etc.:

    I’m also having an album release party 8pm at The Way Station in Brooklyn on May 2, so if you find yourself in NYC that day, please stop by.


    • Hi Joseph,

      What a wonderful surprise to hear from you! I remember when a friend passed on one of your original videos to me and I’m very happy the album is finished.

      I recommend anyone reading this to check out your page link and will post it again on the “front page” of the blog, so to speak.

      Would love to be in NYC that day, but Barcelona is quite a haul from there πŸ™‚

      Thanks again for remembering the blog and good luck with everything!


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