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Anne-Marie Nzié – Ma lundi

Anne-Marie Nzié is a Cameroonian bikutsi singer. In the 1940s, Nzié began performing bikutsi, the music native to her home in central Cameroon. She signed with Pathé Marcom Records. Nzié remained active over the next five decades and helped to popularise bikutsi throughout Cameroon. Her long career earned her the epithets “Queen of Cameroonian Music”, “Queen Mother of Cameroonian Music”, and “Queen Mother of Bikutsi”.

After a long absence, Nzié released the album Béza Ba Dzo in 1999. Coco Mbassi sang backup on the album.

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2 thoughts on “Anne-Marie Nzié – Ma lundi

  1. Great post. Bikutsi has to be one of the most rhythmically complex of Afro Diasporic musics.

    • Thanks, Stefan, glad you liked it.

      I am a big fan of African music, mainly western and southern and I think part of my admiration is for the rhythms and use of time signatures. Among other things, of course!

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