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The Swallows – It Ain’t the Meat (It’s the Motion) – 1951

The Swallows are an American R&B group. They are best known for their 1951 recording of “Will You Be Mine”, which appeared in the US Billboard R&B chart.

Founded in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1946 as the ‘Oakaleers’, the original members were Lawrence Coxson (lead tenor), Irving Turner (tenor and baritone), Earl Hurley (first and second tenor and bongos) and Norris “Bunky” Mack (bass, piano, guitar, and drums). The ‘Oakaleers’ practised on street corners until around 1948, when they joined with Eddie Rich (first tenor) and Frederick “Money Guitar” Johnson (baritone and guitar). Second tenor and baritone Herman “Junior” Denby was hired later. Irving Turner stopped singing with the group, but was kept on as valet (and occasional fill-in).

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