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Music industry struggling to keep up with demand for vinyl, Harvey Goldsmith says – Telegraph

When considering the most pressing problem facing the music industry today, one might consider the rise and rise of music streaming, the sexualisation of singers or the exorbitant price of concert tickets.

In fact, the biggest issue has rather a retro feel: the inability to produce enough vinyl.

Harvey Goldsmith, the music promoter who has worked with everyone from Led Zeppelin and Van Morrison to Madonna and Elton John, said music makers were desperately seeking craftsmen who know how to make vinyl to keep up with demand.

Speaking at Hay Festival, he said factories were springing up at a rate of knots to meet a new-found revival of the genre, with bands desperate to bring out their albums to meet trends.

“Sales of vinyl have gone up 100-fold in the last two years,” he said. “And in fact, the biggest problem we’ve got now is that we can’t find the factories.

“They’re opening them up as fast as they can, but they’ve got to find the craftsmen who know how to make a vinyl record.

“If you want to produce a vinyl version of whatever you’re bringing out today, you’re literally in a queue for four to six months before you can get into a factory to get them made.

“Which is nuts.”

In 2014, sales of vinyl albums soared past the million mark for the first time in 18 years, with releases from Pink Floyd, Arctic Monkeys, Jack White and Royal Blood fuelling the demand.

This year, the Official Charts Company has launched a separate chart for vinyl, with a 70 per cent rise in records bought already.

via Music industry struggling to keep up with demand for vinyl, Harvey Goldsmith says – Telegraph.

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