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Six Gadgets You Thought Were Dead Are New Again at CES 2015 – Bloomberg

The Consumer Electronics Show is the tech industry’s annual celebration of what’s new. Walk the show floor in Las Vegas this week and you’ll find rows of curved phones, curved televisions and curved virtual-reality goggles. Why curved? Because we can.

Caught up in the rush to create the future, tech companies often dip into the past for inspiration. This approach has led to breakthroughs, including the Nintendo NES, Microsoft Windows and just about everything Apple has created in recent history. But some of these new things can feel old and irrelevant even before they’re available in stores.

This year’s CES has served as the comeback event for several technologies and brands that probably should have stayed in the past. For example, did you know that Palm is coming back thanks to China’s TCL? The company didn’t say what products it will sell. (Hopefully a PDA!) In the meantime, here are six products at CES that refuse to die.

via Six Gadgets You Thought Were Dead Are New Again at CES 2015 – Bloomberg.

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