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Online search key to publishing blockbusters – Entertainment – NZ Herald News

Kiwi author Sarah-Kate Lynch says she has given up worrying too much what other people think.Front cover of the Auckland edition, Friday 2 ...

Her 12th book, Heavenly Hirani’s School of Laughing Yoga, will be published in November.

Throughout a writing career that began when she was fired from one job, made redundant from the next and “couldn’t be any less employed than I already was”, she has become well used to the feeling of sitting alone in a room with her computer, creating something out of nothing.

There are always worries about whether what she is writing is any good, whether it will strike a chord with the right people and how her readers will react.

“But the more you wonder about who it will appeal to, and going with the right crowd, trying to capture the psyche, the harder it is to do it.”She says there’s no point worrying about trends.

“You can’t please everybody, you have to please yourself. If I worry now about what everyone else wants, I’m in danger of not doing what I want.

“I have to realise that readers trust I will give them what they love because it’s what I love too.”

But although Lynch may have decided she doesn’t need to be a trend-spotter as well as an author, predicting what books people will buy is a big business.

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