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Shouting, whispering, clapping – Lang’s ‘Crowd Out’ has it all | Reuters

CrowdReuters – It started with whispering but soon 1,000 people were shouting and pumping their fists in the air on Sunday as they performed the world premiere of Pulitzer Prize-winning American composer David Lang‘s “Crowd Out” in Birmingham.

“I feel anxiety, I feel awful and I wish to be alone,” some people shouted. At other times people sang or clapped, while the piece opened with performers walking about the central atrium area of the Millennium Point conference venue whispering phrases like “I lost it all”, “I start to panic”, “I push, I shove, I glare, I mutter”.

Lang’s 40-minute piece was inspired by the chanting and singing he heard at an Arsenal soccer game years ago and he took the text from a Google search of how people feel when they are in a crowd.

Written to be performed even by people who cannot read music, it went a long way to capture the excitement, but also the fear, loneliness and confusion of being in a crowd.

“I had some ideas of what it was going to sound like, but not all, but I think that’s one of the thrills of this,” Lang told Reuters after the performance in the central English city. “It’s very easy to do the things we already know how to do and sometimes you want to actually do something else.”

“This piece is one of those,” said Lang, who won a Pulitzer for his haunting and intimate “Little Matchgirl Passion” based on the Hans Christian Andersen story about a girl who cannot sell her matches and freezes to death.

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