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BBC News – 3D sound experiments carried out by BBC R&D engineers

English: A dummy head being used as a binaural...Thanks to the ubiquity of mobile devices, millions of people use headphones to listen to their favourite music, radio shows and TV programmes.

But headphones can give the inaccurate impression that the sounds are coming from inside your head, rather than around it.

To address this, the BBC’s Research and Development team is developing new tools for the creation and delivery of binaural audio – a production technique that mimics natural hearing cues created by the head and ears.

In the most recent experiment, the researchers borrowed 10 members of the BBC Philharmonic orchestra last month and surrounded them with a multitude of microphones – placed at different distances and heights from the musicians – to record new raw material to play with.

The advantage of the binaural recording technique is that it can be used to create a richer sense of space, allowing for a more realistic, three-dimensional experience.

Unfortunately current binaural systems, according to the research team, have quality issues that do not allow the audio to be adequately scaled up to a broadcasting standard – at least, not yet.

via BBC News – 3D sound experiments carried out by BBC R&D engineers.

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