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Esashi Crossroads – [new track]

Map of Hiyama Subprefecture in Hokkaido Prefec...Wikipedia has this to say:

Esashi Oiwake music(江差追分, “Esashi Crossroads”) is a kind of folk music from the Japanese island of Hokkaidō. It started in the town of Esashi in Hiyama Subprefecture.

An Eashi Oiwake song consists of three sections:
Mae-uta (beginning song);
• Hon-uta (main part or original song)
• Ato-uta (final song)

The Japanese Shakuhachi flute accompanies the singing which has a free rhythm rather than a mechanical, fitted rhythm.

What I did was the easy part 🙂
With a bit of luck, I got my “Utas” in the right order …

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