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How should Shakespeare really sound? – Telegraph

William ShakespeareInspired by working with Kevin Spacey, Sir Trevor Nunn has claimed that American accents are “closer” than contemporary English to the accents of those used in the Bard’s day.

The eminent Shakespearean scholar John Barton has suggested that Shakespeare’s accent would have sounded to modern ears like a cross between a contemporary Irish, Yorkshire and West Country accent.

Others say that the speech of Elizabethans was much quicker than it is in modern day Shakespeare productions.

Well, now you can judge for yourself.

Romeo and Juliet – extract by British Library Board

There have been a handful of attempts to revive what The Globe call Shakespeare’s “original pronunciation”, but until now they have only been put on stage.

Sonnet 116 by British Library Board

The British Library’s new CD, Shakespeare’s original pronunciation, is the first of its kind featuring speeches and scenes which claim to be performed as Shakespeare would have heard them.

Macbeth – from Act 2 by British Library Board

via How should Shakespeare really sound? – Telegraph.

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